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Why do you like DnB?

Drum & Bass for me, was the most exciting movement when I first heard it, around the millennium times. The energy that those tape pack sets come with was unreal and a total game changer. Beforehand I was into hip hop and I loved how, at the time the Drum & bass & Jungle music was heavily hip hop influenced.

Why did you want to be a DJ?

I used to watch the elders from my area smash it on the 1210's and it was such a crazy time, the skills that some of the people from my ends had were so sick. I rated the fact that none of them had been taught by anyone; they just learnt it from each other. Back then it was vinyl only and you had to really be good to get any respect or a name for yourself as a good DJ.

What inspires your music?

My music is inspired by the same era as I'm from. The tape packs, Drum & Bass, Jungle or Grime inspire me massively, even to this day. I try to keep my mixdowns and style as relevant as I can but also stay true to what I love about music, and 90% of the music I love isn't from recent times to be honest.

What gets you in the mood to produce tracks?

I like to make beats really early in the morning, sorry neighbours. (Call the council LOL)

Do you have any favourite tracks you have produced?

Dub fi Dub, Thuggish, Heavily Influenced, Hot Pepper (not out yet)

What are the main challenges of running a record label?

I would say the main challenges are firstly, having to always be there to keep up with your tight schedule. Having to constantly work to a schedule for the label, events and my own bookings over many years is very demanding and sometimes you just want a break, but most of the time its blessed, couldn't really ask for a better job. Another challenge that I enjoy is finding new music and new producers that I feel comfortable working with.

How do you pick artists to sign?

People send me a lot of music demos for the label (if you want to send me any music: If I like a track sent in I will check out how the producer is moving online with social media and stuff, and if it all seems like it's going to work with me and my brand then we will move forward with a release. Most of the time I get music from the same bunch of producers, and I love that!

What are the best promotion tactics right now?

There are loads, everyone seems to make it work in their own way, social media content is the key, these days. Totally different from what I signed up for but we make it work LOL

Is there any DJ skill you found difficult to master?

Scratching, I've been on and off with it since I was about 14 and now I am 34. I did it in a club on N.Y.E. (New Years Eve) for the first time and it went off!

Where have been your favourite places to play?

Switzerland, Germany, The Bestival, Equinox festival, The Volks, Concorde 2.

How easy would it be for a new DJ to get a gig in the UK?

I don't know, I haven't been a new DJ for 20 years LOL. All I can say is that my events always supports the next generation when there is space on the line up, for example on the 10th of February 2023 we have a stacked line up with Basstripper headlining and I have given the warm up set to Beano & Mynx who are in my opinion the stand-out up and comers from Brighton!


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