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DJ Job Description And Duties

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Many types of DJs (Disc Jockeys) exist, but in this article we're focusing on club and radio DJs. Club DJs might be for a single venue might be referred to as resident DJs.

Club owners can use the below article to form an advertisement. DJs can use it to understand the potential duties of DJing.

The duties listed below may change depending on the job.

Education requirements of a DJ

There's no formal qualifications for a DJ. Many DJs are self taught. The main qualification that you need is experience.

A radio DJ may benefit from a journalism, broadcasting or communication degree.

Duties of a DJ

Additional duties of a club DJ

Additional duties of a radio DJ

More about job advertisements

The job listing would have the genre required on it. They would have the address of the venue.

These days job listings would be online but some may be in newspapers.

What DJs give the company

DJs would typically give a venue the items contained in their press kit. This should have the venues/gigs they've played at before and some sample music.

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